Influencer Marketing

Shaping Influence® is a proven, step-by-step approach that allows us to tell your story with focus, consistency and authenticity.


Social Selling and Employee Advocacy

Why Employee Advocacy is key for social selling and brand authenticity.

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Influencer Marketing campaigns vary from industry to industry. What works for a cosmetics brand will probably not be appropriate for an enterprise-focused brand. But one thing is for certain:

more than 90% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations over any other form of advertising, which is why influencer marketing and influencer communications campaigns deliver such high ROI.

JMRConnect’s approach cuts through the fluff and focuses one key question—what good is reaching an influencer if those efforts don’t impact the bottom line?

We not only align branding with the market, but also with the voices of social media influencers and industry thought leaders who advocate on your behalf.

The key to delivering quantifiable returns on influencer marketing is to make sure the right message reaches the right, targeted audience at the right time.