Thought Leadership

The intellectual capital of an executive positioning and thought leadership campaign can make a significant impact on mission effectiveness, revenue and market share.

JMRConnect works with clients to develop and showcase their expertise through market commentary, bylined article submission, and dynamic content marketing. Beginning with a company’s core message and then identifying critical industry trends, issues and opportunities, JMRConnect helps clients develop strategic content and communications to lead the marketplace.


Opportunities for Thought Leadership

  • Speakers Bureau
  • Industry and Trade Associations
  • Investor Conferences
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Media and Blogger Relations
  • Executive Q&A
  • Bylined, Contributed Articles
  • Content Amplification

One of our favorite tactics is thought leadership. Executed properly, thought leadership is among the most effective means through which to build credibility. It affords your executive team the opportunity to showcase that they have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

And the caliber of the thought leadership is an important factor in enhancing this trust.

Companies that produce thought leadership content that is irrelevant or lacks original insight risk damaging brand integrity – people will lose respect for their brand.

It can give an emotional element to the face of a company, something that is necessary to stimulate buyer engagement. It is a differentiator that can set your company apart from its competitors, providing a definite and tangible difference in the value that your company provides.

If your content is truly compelling, it will generate interest that spreads across media – and social media channels, while positioning your company’s executive leadership as industry experts.

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