Analyst Relations

Your PR Agency should know that industry analysts hold the power to influence the media, financial communities, and decision-makers who purchase products and services. To stay relevant and visible, companies must maintain fluid, active relationships with industry analysts.

Smart executives understand the importance of analyst relations. According to Forrester Research, “Industry analysts influence vendor markets, specific sales deals, product development, and even market capitalization. So no vendor dare let analysts do this unchaperoned. Instead, many vendors opt to focus analyst influence on their own corporate priorities through an analyst relations (AR) function.

“Yet many people responsible for AR have no AR training and very limited time; AR may be only one of many hats they wear. Consequently they formulate shallow AR programs where activity and analyst interaction substitute for creation of tangible business value. Instead they must understand what an AR strategy entails, what resources they need to drive influence, and how to execute even when analysts’ objectives differ from the vendor’s dramatically.”

For the past two decades, our team has built solid relationships with industry analysts whose coverage impact buying decisions, including practice leaders from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, IDC, Nemertes, NPD, J. Arnold & Associates, McGee-Smith Analytics, Ventana, Ovum, Current Analysis, Mercator, CommFusion, Delphi and more. JMRConnect works aggressively to build and sustain Analyst Relations, developing connections that result in objective, third-party support. Our clients enjoy regular coverage from leading firms, and are consistent fixtures in market analyses and reports.

JMR specializes in these aspects of Analyst Relations:

  • Market Analysis & Messaging
  • Presentation Development
  • Group Targeting
  • Virtual Briefings Coordination & Logistics
  • Road Shows
  • Organic Coverage in Industry Reports
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Public Relations agencies must understand the nuances of engaging industry analysts