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Introducing the JMRConnect CEI Platform

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Shaping Influence

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    How It Works


    First, an administrator will design a post for consumption.

    Then he/she will customize the URL and add custom images, a summary of the content, why it’s important, and a request to click “Share Now” or “Share with Comment.”

    The administrator will also populate social messages. Then the administrator will distribute personalized emails using automated mail merge to all participants in just one click.


    Users will receive an email update about new and updated content. This way, users will see exactly what will be posted and why they should share the content.

    Thanks to a share button, users will be able to quickly and easily share these posts on their social networks in just one click.

    One click takes content viral, extending earned media value while promoting approved brand messages on multiple channels


    CEI empowers employees, your most influential constituency, with single-click advocacy that connects your brand to an exponentially wider audience.

    In addition, CEI posts appear as first-person recommendations, not promoted content, reinforcing credibility and brand integrity.

    With CEI, you build brand trust – people are more likely to take action on a recommendation from a trusted source as opposed to promoted content.

    One-Click Activism.

    Companies today struggle to maximize the value of branded content across channels, but JMRConnect makes it easy to mobilize social communities to share your message. By providing a platform to recruit followers and recommend content that they can push out to their social networks with a single click, JMRConnect helps companies engage and empower brand advocates across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Within seconds – literally – your “followers” can recruit their colleagues to join your program by sharing your content or by explicitly inviting them using their own personal recruiting link — through a single click.

    Justify Your Investment in Social Media.

    Built-in tools for tracking and quantifying results help measure social activity directly against bottom-line business objectives. We make it simple and rewarding for brand advocates to share content, which helps build brand loyalty, drive website traffic, ignite lead generation, enhance business development and ultimately amplify your message.

    • Customized campaigns; gamification to incentivize users.
    • Digital content enables direct engagement with people who influence your success.
    • Monetize Lead Generation & New Business Development
    • Increase Website Traffic, SEO & Impact with Branded Multimedia Content

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