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Shaping Influence Worldwide®

JMRConnect is an award-winning public relations, strategic communications and influencer marketing agency. Our trademarked process of Shaping Influence Worldwide® helps tell your story with focus, consistency and authenticity.

Each campaign brings a unique set of challenges and objectives, and delivering the right message to the right, targeted audience, at the right time determines an organization’s success. To deliver desired outcomes, we approach engagements by thinking from the client’s perspective.

Why bother reaching an influencer if it won't impact the bottom line?

Top public relations firms can deliver quantifiable returns that justify your investment. JMRConnect takes pride in its time-tested, committed approach – the catalyst behind our clients’ success.

“We are relentless, and our hands-on approach is a catalyst for clients’ success.”
– Mostafa Razzak, President

Inspire brand trust and motivate audiences to engage.

It’s an exciting time to be in public relations. Society is in the midst of a digital transformation; communications and marketing must either adapt accordingly or prepare for obscurity.

People today engage one another – and businesses – through a number of different communications and media modalities.

Population using social media as their primary source for news and information

JMRConnect is all-in on digital to ensure our clients brand messages are concise and tailored for the forums where their target audiences convene.

Influencer Communications is a 360-degree approach to connecting brands with their target audience, leveraging both traditional public relations and next-generation digital engagement and multichannel social advocacy.

Our team members bring a diverse and expansive skill set accrued over decades, which empowers us to support client needs, including:

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