Corporate & Financial Communications

Intelligent, targeted Corporate & Financial Communications should be the backbone of any organization, especially in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Programs must be both creative and fluid to adapt to the always evolving, multiple channels through which stakeholders engage and interact. Financial communications can drive bottom line success for clients, and we understand that regardless of size or industry, campaigns must be strategically managed with precision to capitalize on every opportunity.

financial communications

JMRConnect provides strategic counsel and manages tactical execution for corporate and financial communications campaigns – from end to end.

You can call yourself a deal-making expert….But isn’t it far more powerful when a top-tier institution gives you that credibility, along with their rock-solid platform?

From private equity to wealth management, the value of media attention for financial services often goes overlooked. That’s understandable, given that the phrases “private equity” and “public relations” imply diametrically opposite spheres. as any investment expert will tell you, deals don’t come knocking at the door every day—and the most persuasive sales pitch is the one that’s based on showing as opposed to telling.

It’s one thing, for example, to say you have a team of experts in your firm. But it’s quite another matter when you can get yourself out there as thought leader, offering insightful analysis and informed opinion through a major media outlet.

Whether dealing with editors on a first-name basis, speaking the inside language of the journalist, or banking on long-standing bonds to create opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise, those at the pinnacle of public relations know and practice the fine points of leveraging strong relationships.

For financial communications, there’s also the notion of story—something knit into everyone from a very young age. A great sales pitch may still fail to stop most people dead in their tracks. For all its verbal gymnastics, it can even sound insincere.

But a great story always succeeds: It attracts where other messages repel.

What is your story? Who’s telling it and where? Someone needs to do it—otherwise, what separates your firm from any of your competitors?

Smart business leaders know that to reach a captive audience of consumers and prospective customers where they spend a majority of their time, it’s not possible to ignore the vast audiences social media sites attract. In a professional setting, growth can depend on referrals and testimonials from trusted colleagues and known, reliable sources. That same logic applies online, and affirms the value of employee advocacy on social media engagement.

When people in your professional network (think LinkedIn connections) share, like and comment on your news and other content, they are extending a personal referral. Except on social media, that recommendation is to a mass audience, not just one person.

  • According to LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ report, 78% of ‘social sellers’ outperform peers who don’t use social media.
  • A 2016 study by Putnam Investments found that 85 % of advisors use social media actively—up more than 10% from the 75 % 2014.

You can try to tell the story yourself and hope that busy media gatekeepers will take just a second to listen. You can keep your story under wraps and hope that market tailwinds continue indefinitely.

Or, you can entrust the challenging task of gaining peerless, positive exposure to a true expert.

Let us help tell your story—and take it to a whole new level of power and profitability. Our tenured staff will use proven best practices to build, manage and enhance perception in the eyes of both external and internal audiences, including but not limited to shareholders, investors, media, analysts, clients, and employees.

JMRConnect specializes in these aspects of Corporate & Financial Communications: