Media Relations

PR & Authenticity

With the prevalence of spin, business consumers can be wary of the information they receive through media channels. Authenticity in PR and corporate communications establishes value and trust and hinges on storytelling, specifically who is telling the story and how the story is being told.

Companies have to portray themselves as the providers of solutions to problems their intended audience experiences and tell true, high impact stories based on the problems their services or products solve.

Shaping Influence


A recent blog by our CEO, Mostafa Razzak, explains the significance of media relations on branding.

“Mainstream media is one of the main avenues B2B companies can use to reach their consumers. However, misconceptions or misgivings about a company, or a company whose services or products are not easily categorized – or are too complicated for the regular business consumer to understand, the access to mainstream media and its vast influence can be difficult to obtain.


“Public relations and influencer communications lend a much-needed credibility to a brand because the information it provides is originating from a third party. It can help form the connections your company needs to receive the maximum mainstream attention and to have a high impact across broadcast, print and online media channels.”


Messages that resonate are what people see, read and remember.


  • Share of Voice Assessment
  • Perception Audit
  • Press coverage
  • Ascertain Goals
  • Audience Mapping
  • Program Strategy
  • Communications Roadmap
  • Message Development
  • News Bureau
  • Press Releases
  • Media Training
  • Earned Media
  • Feature Coverage
  • Rapid Response
  • Executive Commentary
  • Bylined Articles/Op-Ed
  • Press Kit
  • Materials Development
  • Socialization
  • Measured Results
  • 24×7 Counsel and Support

————– Put Media Relations at the Center of Every Program ————–

The close, personal relationships our team maintains with editors, journalists, producers, bloggers, business and trade media ensure that our clients enjoy the highest level of consistent exposure: news coverage; feature stories; executive profiles, Q&As and commentary; bylined articles; and broadcast interviews.

The media landscape has evolved over the years more than any other communications and marketing discipline. Print and broadcast media retain their relevance, yet the rise and influence of bloggers and multimedia reporting has changed the game.

To address a shift into mobile, social and online outlets, we bring a multi-channel approach, founded on strategic planning and unparalleled aggressiveness. Consistency and creativity are staples of each campaign.

Visit our news page to see recent client coverage.

Influencer PRDelivering the right, relevant message to the right, targeted audience at the right, opportune time can determine an organization’s success.

Whether to raise corporate brand awareness, drive adoption of products and services, or to temper negative sentiment, JMRConnect executes media relations programs with alacrity and precision to shape perception on a mass scale.

Organizations – no matter their size or industry – need their PR agency to deliver quantifiable results. As a client, you should hold them accountable.

For businesses that invest in public relations, media campaigns should be thoughtful and deliver comprehensive results that impact business outcomes.

87 percent of business decisions makers believe thought leadership increases brand trust…


89 percent believe it enhances a brand’s reputation. (LinkedIn)

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