Reputation Management

Research has proven that a company’s reputation directly influences its market value, making corporate reputation more of an asset than an intangible. Shaping Influence Worldwide® requires a comprehensive approach to reputation management that protects and reinforces each client’s position in the marketplace.

A messaging platform is the foundation of a public relations and communications program.


Why do you need a messaging platform?

Raising and sustaining brand awareness requires consistent message delivery across multiple channels.

With a messaging platform, we eliminate the need to “re-invent the wheel” for each new marketing and communications activity. It forms the basis for key messages that can – and should – be consistently conveyed to key stakeholders, including businesses, community influencers, media, channel partners, analysts, etc.

What is a customer persona?

In addition, messaging platforms identify to whom your business is selling products and/or services and alignment with their needs.

Public relations agency

Public relations agency

What is a positioning statement?

PR agency


A positioning statement is a concise description that explains what your business offers customers.

Lots of people call position statements an “elevator pitch” because you should able to tell someone what does your company – in language they can understand – in a single elevator ride.

The messaging platform draws on the collective experience of company executives and a SWOT analysis. To extract this information, we conduct strategy sessions, aka messaging workshops, at the beginning of client engagements.

Recognizing that reputations can be built over decades but destroyed in a split-second, JMRConnect leverages comprehensive, integrated programs to reinforce positive perceptions. With consistent messaging to stakeholder groups – both internal and external – including investors, analysts, media, employees, watchdog consumer advocate groups, and customers – JMRConnect shapes influence among clients’ constituents.

Reputation Management with Shaping Influence® includes:

  • Benchmarking and Measurement
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Value Statements and Business Benefits
  • Corporate Positioning
  • Employee Communications
  • Change Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Community Relations, Philanthropy
  • Litigation Support