Lead Generation

Buyers have more choices than ever before, making life difficult for sales teams trying to meet their quotas. JMRConnect’s Account-based Marketing (ABM) approach to lead generation helps boost web traffic so marketers can send more qualified prospects to sales and significantly increase conversion rates.

Deep and always-on data empowers you to execute multi-channel, ABM campaigns with swagger.

For B2B lead generation to connect you directly to decision makers, JMRConnect invests considerable resources to provide you with actionable sales intelligence and a trusted contact database.

Accurate data is at the heart of everything you do — account selection and segmentation, email and web-based personalization, trade shows and events, direct mail campaigns, account-based marketing, and lead qualification all rely on up-to-date information.

Tailor your messages based on the unique circumstances of each company, and point of contact, on your target list.

We provide you with real-time market intelligence to continuously update your data, so business development teams can always speak to your buyer’s current intent — anywhere in the funnel.


We help your brand build trust with target audiences and drive qualified leads with purchase intent.


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