Momentum Trading Partners' co-founder, Lionel Mellul, offers insight on China and the European markets to Paul R. La Monica. Read full story...

BARRON'S: Rally has Power but Lacks Conviction

Lionel Mellul, co-founder of Momentum Trading Partners, which works mostly with large institutions and has clients on both sides of the Atlantic, says the rally that began this morning was not driven by real conviction. In fact, it may have some of the same panicky characteristics we saw on the way down earlier this year. Click here to read Lionel's thoughts, which he shared with Avi Salzman, Barron's...

Bloomberg News: Momentum Trading Partners' Garrett Nenner comments on Pipeline settlement

Garrett Nenner, managing director for global markets at Momentum Trading Partners LLC in New York, which handles large equity orders for clients through human traders, said Pipeline breached the trust of its users.

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