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JMRConnect is an award-winning public relations, influencer communications and influencer marketing agency. Shaping Influence® PR is a proven collection of agile tactics and processes that ensures your story is told accurately, with focus, consistency and authenticity.

The ability to adapt without sacrificing productivity is the textbook definition of agility; Shaping Influence® prepares you to quickly adapt to unforeseen events.

For marketing communications to be effective and lead to desired outcomes, we approach engagements by thinking from the client’s perspective. Each campaign brings a unique set of challenges and objectives, and delivering the right message to the right, audience at the right time can determine an organization’s rise to prominence or swift demise.

Why bother reaching an influencer if it won't impact the bottom line?


Your agency partner must be able to deliver quantifiable returns that justify your investment. JMRConnect takes pride in knowing that our efforts help catalyze clients’ success.

  “We are relentless, and our hands-on approach is a catalyst for clients’ success.”

Inspire brand trust and motivate audiences to engage.

It’s an exciting time to be in public relations. Society is in the midst of a digital transformation and as such, communications and marketing teams that don’t adapt accordingly have thrown in the proverbial towel.

People today engage each other – and businesses – through a number of different communications and media modalities.

In fact, research shows that more than 2/3 of the population go to social media for their news and information. For PR and marketing teams who are responsible for landing earned media coverage in order to elevate and sustain brand awareness, having an article run is only half the battle.

Amplifying content visibility on  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest is vital if you want to reach influencers – such as analysts, customers, employees, partners and prospects –

Measure twice, cut once. Analytic provide insight to personalize campaigns and execute with alacrity.

JMRConnect is all-in on digital. Data analytics, AI, digital newsrooms, employee advocacy on social media and myriad other new technologies provide unprecedented access to actionable intelligence.

With this insight, we have the means and knowledge to keep our clients’ messages relevant, concise, timely and customized for the forums where target audiences convene.

Influencer Communications is a 360-degree approach to connecting brands with their target audience. These campaigns work by combining traditional tactics, digital engagement and multichannel advocacy on social media.

Businesses trust Shaping Influence® PR more than other agencies because each of our team members brings a diverse and extensive skillset.

Experience and knowledge, accrued over decades working in the real-world, is what allows us to solve even the most complex client needs.

Unmatched Experience

  • Excel Services Corporation
  • Victory Systems
  • RNK Communications (acquired)
  • Louis Capital Markets
  • Gethen Capital
  • dash Carrier Services (acquired)
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • GBMC HealthCare
  • Nordsense
  • Buccaneer Energy
  • Blingby